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These Conditions of Use regulate relations between the company Best Buy Commercial Brokers L.L.C (hereinafter: Best Buy), with headquarters in UAE, and registration number 1367822 from the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Users of the website www.50-pct.com as well as Advertisers on that website, where the conditions of use for Advertisers is further regulated by the General Terms and Conditions for advertisers.

These Conditions of Use (hereinafter: CONDITIONS OF USE) are an integral part of all legal relations relating to the website www.50-pct.com.

The use of the website belonging to the company Best Buy Brokers LLC (hereinafter: Best Buy) www.50-pct.com is to take place in line with the conditions of use.

The right to register on the website www.50-pct.com is acquired by any adult who has full legal capacity and has reached 18 (eighteen) years of age and accepts these Conditions of Use.

Website users upon registration accept these conditions of use and consent that Best Buy under any circumstances cannot be responsible for use of the website. Best Buy has the right to update these conditions of use from time to time, i.e., change and supplement them. Every change or deletion in the conditions of use is valid immediately upon its publication on the website www.50-pct.com. Every use of the respective website after such changes implies acceptance of such changes.

If you do not agree with the mentioned conditions of use or are younger than 18 (eighteen) years of age, we kindly request that you refrain from using this website.

Best Buy will endeavour to present accurate and up-to-date information on this website. Best Buy does not assume responsibility for statements and information published on this website. The users of this website agree that access to and use of this website and its content is at one’s own risk. Best Buy is not responsible for any damage on account of accessing, use or inability to use this website, or any misunderstanding or omission. The user is responsible for keeping confidential information and data such as the obtained username, password and other data which enables access to and use of our website or mobile website via a user account.

All files along with pictures, texts and sounds as well as animations, video recordings etc. and all other integral parts of this website are copyright protected and may not be fully or partially copied, downloaded, altered or used again, forwarded or in any other way used without explicit prior approval in written form. In the internal download section, these documents may only be used for private purposes.

Best Buy retains the right, as required, to deny support to persons and/or the sending of files if justified reasons exist for such actions.

Best Buy has the right at any time to delete discriminatory, insolent, morally unacceptable or illegal content.


1. The company Best Buy LLC (hereinafter: Best Buy) does not assume responsibility for how up to date, accurate, complete, regular is the provided information nor its quality. This also applies to all products and services, including product descriptions, prices and provided information on this website. Technical errors and/or maintenance works, as well as other reasons may temporarily or for longer periods prevent access. Best Buy does no assume responsibility for use or access to the website. Best Buy waivers any responsibility for material or ideal damages (such as lost profit, disappointing costs, damage due to lost data, right to achieving profit, attorney costs or costs from concluding agreements), incurred due to use to use of provided information or errors and incomplete information. All offers are non-obligatory. Best Buy retains the exclusive right to alter, supplement or delete without prior notice parts of the site or an entire offer or to temporarily or permanently remove a published offer.

2. Best Buy is not responsible for hyperlinks and their associated content. Best Buy does not assume responsibility for how up to date, accurate, complete, regular is a hyperlink nor its quality. Responsibility for this lies with the website provider to whom the hyperlink leads. Best Buy does not have any influence on current or future content or the copyright of hyperlinks.

3. This website may only be used for informative, private and business purposes. The entire content of this website is copyright protected. This is valid regardless of whether the content is placed at one’s disposal free of charge or requires payment. The copying, use, borrowing with or without payment, publishing or other forms of use is not permitted without explicit written approval from Best Buy. Breaching these prohibitions may lead to legal consequences, especially on the basis of designated, copyrighted or competitive legal prescriptions. Best Buy explicitly retains copyright, trademark rights and the right to use (right and approval to use the works and content) on this website.

4. This waiver of responsibility is deemed to be part of the internet offer. If parts of or particular terms in this text no longer apply (in full) to the current legal status, the content and validity of other parts of the document will remain unchanged.

5. Best Buy is not responsible for content created by advertisers and published on the website. Best Buy is not responsible for damages arising from publication and use of such content. Each person who leaves any type of comment/review on the website, is themselves responsible as the author for such comments/reviews. In the event of breaching third-party rights, the perpetrator is obliged to protect Best Buy against claims from third parties. Best Buy retains the right to remove content in the event it discovers that the content breaches rights, business customs or in some other way damages the reputation of Best Buy. In that case, there is no right to making claims against Best Buy.


Best Buy Commercial Brokers L.L.C (hereinafter: Best Buy), with headquarters in UAE, and registration number 1367822 of the Dubai Chamber of Economy and Industry, UAE, allows users to purchase goods and services at Best Buy advertisers and achieve discounts of at least 50% and achieve other rewards when recommending the website.

In line with these General Terms and Conditions, the user may participate in the rewards program. The user can recommend use of the website to other users and advertisers. However, the user is not obliged to recommend and win over users and advertisers, and Best Buy does not impose any obligations on the user for any such success.

The user pays various contributions, levies, taxes and the like, which the user incurs upon obtaining user rewards.

There is no employment, business or entrepreneurial relationship established between Best Buy and the user. Participation in the user rewards program and recommending other users and advertisers is done solely in terms of independent, autonomous activity subject to personal responsibility, and is an activity legally independent of Best Buy.

The right to use of the website www.50-pct.com and participate in the rewards program is given to persons who have reached 18 years of age.

The user and advertiser state that the information which Best Buy has submitted is accurate, in case of providing inaccurate data they will compensate Best Buy for any associated damages and will exempt Best Buy from fault in the case of criminal statements, and Best Buy will not in any way be deemed liable for such situations.

If the content of the General Terms and Conditions as well as other documents use designations for gender, such references refer to female and male persons, including legal persons.

User benefits and terminology

A user is a person who has paid an annual subscription to use the website www.50-pct.com. Upon paying the annual subscription and based on their username (email) and password, the person becomes an official user.

If the user fails to renew their annual subscription upon expiration of the subscription period, all user rights for using the website will cease including the payment of rewards/profit and rights to all created recommendations. A new subscription period begins upon expiration of the subscription, and not at the date of payment for a new annual subscription.

Users who have lost all rights due to not renewing their subscription upon expiration of the subscription period, become new users once again upon activating their subscription.

Users are obliged to store their access data in a secure manner for use of the personal user account and keep them strictly confidential. The username and password may not under any circumstances be made available to third parties. Users may at any time change their personal settings in their personal user account.

Users are obliged to inform Best Buy without delay of any unauthorised use of their online access. After blocking their access, they will be subsequently provided with different access data via email or postal mail.

Advertisers are legal persons who use the website www.50-pct.com to advertise their products and services. The advertiser is obliged to offer a minimum of 50% discounts on offered goods and services, based on the advertiser’s current pricelist for the duration of the advertised offer. Advertisers arrange their advertising space on their own and set the duration that their offer is advertised on the website which may not exceed 30 days.

The advertiser as the owner of the product / service shall deliver the contracted promotional product / service in the best possible manner, while adhering to all standards for quality and good entrepreneurship.

Given that Best Buy is not the owner, nor owns the products/services offered promotionally via the website www.50-pct.com, Best Buy is not liable for potential legal and material inadequacies in the products/services or other problems or insufficiencies which may appear when using the products/services.

Any possible insufficiencies relating to the products/services advertised by the Advertiser is the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.

In regard to the business/legal relationship between Advertisers and Partners, Best Buy is only the agent and as such does not bear any liability in terms of quality of the products/services.

The Advertiser is completely liable for all injuries, illnesses, damage, claims, responsibilities and costs towards users, i.e., buyers.


All users have the opportunity to participate in the rewards program by recommending use of the www.50-pct.com website.

There are two types of payments for users who provide recommendations:

1. direct and indirect commissions
2. pool commission

For every payment amounting to €50 by advertisers or new users, a total of €30 can be refunded to active users – those providing recommendations.

The amounting totalling €30 is paid the following manner:

- €10 for a direct recommendationbr
- €5 for an indirect recommendation
- €15 for a common global fund called Pool

All pool payments are made every 3 months (quaterly) and all direct and indirect payments are made every month onto the user's bank account. The minimum amount for payment is €50, and until the cumulative amount for the active user who makes the recommendations reaches €50, no payments are made.

Payments are made in the following periods:

Payments in the period 1 July – 30 September = payment by 15 October
Payments in the period 1 October – 31 December = payment by 15 January
Payments in the period 1 January – 31 March = payment by 15 April
Payments in the period 1 April – 30 June = payment by 15 July

In the event that the minimum amount is not reached in a particular quarter, the collected funds are transferred into the next or some other quarter for payment, until the minimum amount of €50 is reached.

Direct and indirect payments (commissions)

A direct recommendation is when a website user directly recommends the website to a new user or advertiser and that user or advertiser pays a €50 annual subscription or monthly advertisement (i.e., the user or advertiser becomes a direct user). In that case, the person providing the recommendation receives €10 for the direct recommendation.

An indirect recommendation is when someone’s direct user recommends a new user or advertiser and that person makes a €50 payment for an annual subscription or monthly advertisement (who then becomes an indirect user). In that case, an indirect payment (reward) amounting to €5 is paid to the person for providing the recommendation.


For every annual subscription for a user or payment by an advertiser, €15 goes into the global fund called the Pool.

For someone to participate in the allocation of paid monies from the Pool global fund, they must fulfil certain set conditions.

Each website user begins creating their own so-called Lifeline by paying an annual subscription and recommending the website to new users.

All their directs are placed to the left and right in their personal user interface, and there is the opportunity of selecting a particular side (the deadline for the selection is 48 hours after the registration of a new user)

Once a direct is placed, it remains on that side (left or right) along with his or her entire Lifeline.

All directs on the left side, along with their Lifeline, and all directs on the right side, along with their Lifeline, comprise accumulated monies from recommendations in the global Pool on a quarterly basis

The side with the smallest amount of accumulated money in a particular quarter decides on the proportion of allocated money from the Pool global fund.

After the quarterly payment, all users once again may begin fulfilling all conditions for participation in the global Pool (left and right side commences again from zero).

If in a certain quarter, the global Pool is not emptied, the remainder from the global Pool is transferred to the next quarter, until conditions for payment for all clubs are fulfilled, i.e., 100% payment from the global Pool

Part of the Pool global fund

The proportion of the payment depends on the amount of collected monies on the weaker side of each user.

100% of the total collected money in the Pool global fund is divided up into percentages across 5 different clubs:

- 5 % club
- 7.5% club
- 12.5% club
- 25% club
- 50% club

Total 100%

All members of a particular club proportionally allocate a percentage of the collected money in that quarter from the global Pool.

- Club 5% at least €5,000.00 (of the paid money) in the weaker side in that quarter
- Club 7.5% at least €10,000.00 (of the paid money) in the weaker side in that quarter
- Club 12.5% at least €25,000.00 (of the paid money) in the weaker side in that quarter
- Club 25% at least €50,000.00 (of the paid money) in the weaker side in that quarter
- Club 50% at least €250,000.00 (of the paid money) in the weaker side in that quarter

Statement on conversion

All payments are made in euros. The amount for which your credit card is debited is obtained through conversion of the price paid in euro currency.

As a result of price conversion, there is the possibility of a small difference in the amount with respect to the original price shown on our website.


Once the payment is made, the confirmation notice will be sent to the client via email within 72 hours of receipt.


The user is entitled to a refund on the paid amount within a period of 24 hours of making the payment, if he or she has notified Best Buy of withdrawing from use of the Best Buy website, but solely under the condition that the user has not used the service in the reservation and purchase application using coupons and that he or she did not recommend the application.


Customer can cancel their availed services within 24 hours.


These general terms and conditions are subject to the law of the United Arab Emirates. By registering onto our website, you accept the jurisdiction of the court in the United Arab Emirates. Best Buy does not guarantee that materials or services accessible on this site are suitable or accessible for use at any other place. Accessing the website from areas where its content is illegal is prohibited. Those who decide to access this website from other locations, do so at their own initiative and are personally responsible for adhering to local laws.

We will not trade with or provide any services to OFAC and sanctioned countries.
Cardholder must retain a copy of transaction records and Best Buy policies and rules.