Terms and conditions for advertisers

Advertising on the website belonging to the company Best Buy Brokers LLC (hereinafter: Best Buy) www.50-pct.com takes place according to these general terms and conditions as well as terms and conditions for using Best Buy.

Best Buy Commercial Brokers L.L.C (hereinafter: Best Buy), with headquarters in UAE, and registration number 1367822 from the Dubai Chamber of Economy and Industry, UAE, allows users to purchase goods and services from Best Buy advertisers and achieve discounts of at least 50% as well as achieving other rewards when recommending the website.


General provisions and definition of terms

1. Best Buy offers advertising services to advertisers on the website www.50-pct.com

2. Advertisers are legal persons who use the website www.50-pct.com to advertise their products and services. The advertiser is obliged to offer a minimum of 50% discount on offered goods and services, based on the advertiser’s current pricelist for the duration of the advertised offer. Advertisers arrange their advertising space on their own and set the duration that their offer is advertised on the website but which may not exceed 30 days.

3. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ADVERTISERS are these general terms and conditions, which, in accordance with the principle of fairness and diligence as well as current laws, regulate general terms and conditions for advertising on the www.50-pct.com website.

4. The General Terms and Conditions for advertisers as well as Conditions of Use are an integral part of this Advertising Agreement and supplement the provisions on the Advertising Agreement. Excluding certain provisions from the Advertising Agreement is possible only through explicit provisions of the actual Advertising Agreement

5. ADVERTISING AGREEMENT – the advertising agreement is an agreement whereby Best Buy and the Advertiser define advertising conditions in the agreement for which these general terms and conditions for advertisers apply as well as conditions of use and which are known to the Advertiser at the time of concluding the advertising agreement. Based on the advertising agreement, the advertiser leases advertising space on the www.50-pct.com website and is obliged to offer a minimum 50% discount on offered products or services. The advertising space may be leased also based on a purchase order for advertising in which case the purchase order is subject to all of the terms and conditions for advertisers as well as Best Buy’s conditions of use.

6. PRICE OF ADVERTISING – the price of advertising is determined in accordance with the Pricelist for advertising on the Best Buy website of which the Pricelist is an integral part of the advertising agreement as well as particular purchase orders for advertising.


The order is to be received in electronic form.

The order contains the following:

- name of the advertiser,
- name of the product or service
- period of advertising the product or service
- full price of the product or service and a discount of 50% for them
- duration of the offer for the product or service

In the event of a separate mutual agreement between Best Buy and the Advertiser, a separate advertising agreement between Best Buy and the Advertiser will be concluded.

Best Buy has the right to reject an order for advertising or after accepting an order remove the content of the advertisement if it is not acceptable for moral, legal or other reasons, or if it breaches provisions of these general terms and conditions for advertising or the conditions of use for Best Buy or if Best Buy has deemed so for other reasons (for instance, objections by users, and the like).

The advertiser as the owner of the product / service shall deliver the contracted promotional product / service in the best possible manner, while adhering to all standards for quality and good entrepreneurship.

Given that Best Buy is not the owner, nor owns the products/services offered promotionally via the www.50-pct.com website, Best Buy is not liable for potential legal and material inadequacies in the products/services or other problems or insufficiencies which may appear when using the products/services.

Any possible insufficiencies relating to the products/services advertised by the Advertiser are the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.

In regard to the business/legal relationship between Advertisers and Partners, Best Buy is only the agent and as such does not bear any liability in terms of quality of the products/services.

The Advertiser is completely liable for all injuries, illnesses, damage, claims, responsibilities and costs towards users, i.e., buyers.


If Best Buy determines that the content of the advertisement is contrary to legal or moral regulations or is contrary to general terms and conditions for advertisers or conditions of use for Best Buy, Best Buy may reject the proposed advertisement and has the right to retain 50% of the paid advertisement fee. If the content of the advertisement is such that it can be altered, which is at the discretion of Best Buy, Best Buy will direct the advertiser to alter the advertisement in order that it may meet the requirements of Best Buy. The deadline of 48 hours for new approval of the respective advertisement begins upon submission of the edited advertisement.

The product or service advertised by the advertiser must be offered with a discount of at least 50%. In the event that the Advertiser does not offer the mentioned discount, Best Buy is entitled to remove the advertisement while retaining the paid fee from the quote.

Best Buy will not be responsible on any grounds if it was not able to publish an advertisement due to the fault of neglect of the Advertiser (e.g., untimely submission of the advertisement, and the like).


For the purpose of publishing an advertisement on the www.50-pct.com website, the Advertiser transfers all claims to copyright and associated rights to Best Buy as well as intellectual property rights relating to publication of the advertisement to Best Buy in the measure necessary for execution of the order and is obliged at the request of Best Buy to issue a statement for that purpose. For the purpose of publishing the respective advertisement, Best Buy has the right to cede the respective right of use to third parts but only in the measure necessary for the purpose of fulfilling the purchase order to publish the advertisement.

By sending the purchase order, the advertiser guarantees that the product or service will be sold in accordance with conditions published in the advertisement.

Best Buy has no liability towards users or third parties in relation to the rendering of a service or sale of a product by the advertiser, no right to remove an advertisement in the event that users object to the rendering of a service of sale of products by the Advertiser, after which Best Buy will verify justification of the objection. In that case, Best Buy will retain the paid amount of money for advertising.

The advertiser bears full responsibility for the content of an advertisement. In the event of a request from a third party in relation to claims for copyright and associated rights, intellectual property rights or other third-party rights, or in the event actions by relevant bodies relating to a published advertisement, the Advertiser is solely responsible and is also responsible to third persons for respective breaches.


Communication between the Advertiser and Best Buy will take place in electronic form where the email address of Best Buy is info@50-pct.com .

In the event of nullity or inability to apply certain provision(s) of these general terms and conditions, the other provisions remain in force.

These general terms and conditions for advertisers are subject to the law of United Arab Emirates, and the relevant jurisdiction of the courts in Dubai.